General Information & News
Opening Hours
8.00 to 17.15, Monday through Friday
A full-time arrangement from Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:15 currently costs 290 EUR.

In addition we charge a monthly fee of 100 EUR for all food (breakfast, warm lunch, afternoon snack). All of our food and snacks are made with organic ingredients. There is also an annual membership fee of 30 EUR.
We are closed each year during the last two weeks of August, from 23.12. to 6.01., as well as on Bavarian public holidays.
Bank details
Münchner Bank e.G.
Kontonummer: 662178
BLZ: 70190000
IBAN: DE43701900000000662178
Kinderkiste Upsydaisy e.V.
Pariser Straße 33
81667 Munich - Germany
S-bahn: Ostbahnhof or Rosenheimer Platz
Please download contract (German version) here
Please download Parental Initiative Declaration and Fee ('Verreinsbeitrittserklärung') here
Please download Einzugsermächtigung here
Please download Terms and Conditions ['Vereinssatzung'] here
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