Our concept
Our concept of education follows the "Finnish Curriculum" which is used in Finland. The education in the Kindergarten should reflect the values of society. The role of the kindergarten is to support the children to grow into independent individuals and active members of society.

Individual strengths and talents are encouraged, and positive interaction with all members of the closer and wider environment is taught. With the help of agreed milestones, the children learn to overcome obstacles, find confidence in themselves and get prepared for future challenges.

Here you can find information on our Concept (PDF, 218kb)

In a loving atmosphere, the children are given the best chances for a healthy development and easy learning. The children’s self-esteem is enhanced by pedagogic offers varying from day to day. The kids have positive experiences and are taught to take responsibility for others and to act in a social way. One or more staff members are native English speakers. Each teacher only speaks in their mother tongue, supporting the language they use with verbal explanations and gestures, thus making it easier for the child to pick up the new language.
Morning circle
Every morning we have circle time. Children gather around for stories, songs or games. It is also time for discussing conflicts, rules or anything else experienced by the children.
Once a week, an external music teacher comes for music lessons. The kindergarten is equipped with rhythmic instruments.
Pre-school is designed for children who will be attending first grade in the coming school year. For all Vorschule/Kindergarten children, special German as well as English instruction is provided.
Sports and exercise
Once a week the children have sports at a nearby sports hall. We also spend lots of time in our garden or go to various playgrounds in the immediate area.
Every year a 5 day ski course for children age four and older is organised. A bus picks up the children and takes them to the ski resort, where they have lessons and are taken care of by the ski school all day.
Field trips and excursions
We go on lots of excursions, such as visiting museums, theatre, zoo, library, forests, farms and castles. All of these trips are well prepared with the children in projects ahead of time to enhance their experience.
Parties and more
We offer many occasions to party! Christmas, ‘Fasching’ (Carnival), Halloween party, Birthdays, to name just a few. Before the two-week summer-break we have an overnight trip to the mountains and a summer-party with barbecue in our garden for the whole family.
A typical day in Upsy Daisy: